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The influence of music on young children

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Do you work with children? Or do you have children yourself?

This website is for all of you who work with children aged 1-5. It is also meant for parents who want to use music with their children in a conscious way.

Music influences body, mind and emotions. Musical therapists use that in a professional way. But you can do something yourself also!

Here you can find information about how music affects us. Look under articles.

Music can mean a lot for children who need some extra support in managing their daily life.

My musical stories are tuned in to that. They encourage to be the one you are and to concentrate on the here and now.

I have illustrated the stories and I make paintings for children in different techniques. You can see some of them in the gallery.

My name is Nicolette van der Leeuw. I am an educationalist, musicologist and artist.



Song in colors


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Musical stories

Gebbe the frog