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The influence of music on young children

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music influences emotions Music influences emotions

Are there specific musical emotions?

Are there emotions that only music can induce? P.A. Juslin, professor in music psychology in Uppsala, doesn't think so. He has done research on which underlying psychological mechanisms lead to emotions when we listen to music. That throws light upon how music leads to emotions. Read more ...

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Is it the music?

Music expresses emotions and it excites emotions in the listener. There is a difference. For example you can think that a piece of music sounds sad, but it can make you feel happy anyway, because it is played so well. Feelings that are expressed in music and feelings that music excites are not always the same. Read more ...

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Music on prescription?

Half an hour Bach daily to calm down? A quarter of an hour Mozart for better marks? No it doesn’t really work that way. But what can be said about the relation between emotions and musical structure? For instance is there a difference in structure between happy and sad music? Read more ...

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